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Sea Turtle Bracelet Bracelet Bali Necklaces

Sea Turtle Bracelet

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 Each Bali Bracelet helps to fund Coral Reef Conservation! Learn about our efforts!

🐢 Turtles are some of the most well mannered animals in the marine kingdom. They are truly children of the sea. They follow underwater currents, and faithfully return back to the beach where they were born. Our Sea Turtle fully embodies the saying, “Live by the currents, plan by the tides, follow the moon”. The Sea Turtle represents consistency, intelligence, and beauty.

Each bracelet is hand carved on the Tropical Island of Bali and shipped from the USA. Because we use 100% natural materials, there may be some slight differences in the color of each bead.

Adjustable Bracelet / Anklet

  • Your Sea Turtle Charms are hand carved from repurposed, water-buffalo bone.
  • Each bead is individually, hand carved from repurposed, water-buffalo bone.
  • The adjustable cord is hand braided from bamboo cotton. (2.5 inches up to 10 inches in diameter)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Rachael J.

    The sea turtle bracelet is sturdy around my wrist and the fisherman's knot makes it easy to adjust for all wrist sizes! I highly recommend.

    Julius P.
    Love it!!!

    Amazing product highly recommended I love it! It’s perfectly crafted

    Jay’ne M.
    Sea Turtle Lover

    I absolutely love the way the bracelet looks and the way it feels. Just wish I could secure the extra string after I have it adjusted it.

    Cindy R.

    I was so excited to receive my turtle necklace in the mail. Jnstead of 1 piece it is 4. I'm so disappointed. I want to try to get it replaced.

    Robin D.

    Thank you for all your doing for our Oceans, I'm glad I could help and thanks for the beautiful Sea Turtle bracelet, some well made, I've gotten many compliments and I send them your way 😊