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Our Story

Bali Necklaces Our Story

Our story begins as a true labor of love for Co-founders Art & Lindsey. For the past decade Art has witnessed first hand the destruction of our coral reefs due to over harvesting, over exporting and fluctuations in water conditions.

"We watched as thousands of corals were exported all around the World every day; dead corals, stressed corals, illegal corals and endangered corals. It didn't matter to them as long as they could turn a profit."

Determined to do his part to correct the issue, Art has teamed up with Lindsey and her passion for the Indonesian, artisan culture. Together they set out on a mission to educate and to create awareness through the sale of their Signature Bali Necklaces.

"We're determined not only to restore the bio diversity in The Coral Triangle near Bali, but we also believe that with enough support we can restore the economic climate in these communal fishing villages.

Lying at the heart of it all, is The Tropical Island of Bali. It's here that we have decided to begin our mission by sourcing hand-carved, artisan necklaces made from re-purposed, water-buffalo bone. A percentage of our proceeds will then be redirected back to reef restoration in this area and ultimately create a better life not only for the inhabitants of the coral reefs, but for the culture of people that live on these islands. 

We have decided that 20% of all net profits from our necklace sales will be contributed to the BioRock Project. A non-profit, underfunded organization that not only works hard to restore life on the coral reefs, but also employs native labor. Specifically, our donations will go towards the planting of new, live corals in The Coral Triangle."


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We proudly sponsor the construction of BioRock coral reefs in Bali, Indonesia. Please enjoy the following video sponsored by thejetlagged illustrating the construction process of our very important coral reefs.