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What if there is an issue with my order?
Due to the hand-made nature of our products and materials, there may be slight imperfections in each carving. However, we do offer you a 14-Day return guarantee if you are unsatisfied. If there is a defect or if you would like to return your un-used product, please email us at

We ship from the USA
Orders of $40 or more ship FREE. Orders are generally fulfilled within 24 hours of your purchase. Your orders are fulfilled and shipped by us, from our own warehouse in Florida, USA. Once your order is fulfilled you will be emailed a shipping confirmation and tracking numbers (if you do not see the emails, please check your spam folders). We ship using the United States Postal Service First Class Mail, which usually takes 2-6 business days in the USA.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, to select countries. International Shipping & Handling is based on the recipients location. International Shipping is FREE on orders over $40 USD or more. International shipping and customs delays can take up to 3 weeks.

FAQ - Adjusting? Twisting? Bead Came off?
Not sure how to properly adjust your necklace? Your cord got twisted and you can't figure out how to untwist it? You pulled too hard and the bead came off? Meet Ryan from Team Bali - he's going to walk you through the steps to get you all fixed up! 



What are Bali Necklaces made of?

Our hand-carved necklaces are from the tropical island of Bali. Each pendant is carved from repurposed, water-buffalo bone and may vary slightly in size or detail. Some designs also use unique abalone seashell or indigenous woods. Each Bali Necklace is 100% unique.

Each cord is hand braided and hand-dyed bamboo cotton. Each cord has been hot water treated to make it soft, flexible and able to wear in water. Each necklace is adjustable as a choker up to approximately 26 inches. Lengths may vary slightly.

Are animals harmed to make your necklaces?
No. We use repurposed bone to carve our necklaces. Simply put, the water buffalo is a common, farm-land animal in Bali. The water buffalo is more valuable alive in Bali. However, when an animal does pass, it is part of the Balinese culture not to waste any resources of that animal. Our artisans choose to repurpose the bone for their art work.

I still think they're made out of plastic!
Our craftsmanship is just THAT good. Trust us... you're not the first one to think Bali Necklaces are made out of plastic. Each necklace (and beads) is hand-carved from repurposed, water-buffalo bone and has a polished finish. If you still think your necklace is made out of plastic, try putting some fire to the back of your pendant and see if it melts ;)

Do you make custom necklaces?
At this time, we do not offer custom designs. We get far too many custom requests on a daily basis to possibly accommodate everyone.



How do you help our Oceans Coral Reefs?
This is a part of our business that is often overlooked, but one we are very proud of. As a major focal point in our business, we partner with BioRock® Bali in an effort to fund the on-going, non-profit work of Coral Reef Conservation. By donating 20% of our net profits to BioRock®, we are able to help fund the following

  • Helping construct and maintain BioRock® structures. These are metal, man-made reef structures. The BioRock® technology then uses a floating solar panel to send a low voltage, electrical current through the frame of the reef. This electrical current helps speed up the calcification part of the coral growing process. With this technology, coral reefs are able to grow up to 6x faster, are 50x stronger and recover 20x quicker!
  • Planting Live Corals. Once the large structures are built and in place, money is used to fund divers transplanting corals onto the structure.
  • Education. BioRock® does an amazing job of presenting to and educating the newer generations on the importance of our Marine life.

  • Equipment. Periodically the money will be used to upgrade or expand the diving equipment necessary for construction and maintenance of BioRock® Reefs.

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