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The Coral Triangle

The Coral Triangle is an area of the most bio-diverse marine life on our planet. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean and includes the waters of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Timor Leste, Malaysia and the Solomon Islands. Between these islands, over 125 million people live in The Coral Triangle and rely on its coral reefs for food, income and protection from storms.


 Bali Necklaces The Coral Triangle


Named for its vast number of corals (Approximately 600 different species of reef-building corals alone), The Coral Triangle is home to the largest amount of coral species found anywhere on our planet. Corals are important for a large number of reasons, but most importantly they provide shelter and spawning grounds to a wide variety of ocean life. Coral Reefs also create a natural barrier for these islands to protect them against severe storms, waves and shore erosion.

Bali Necklaces Coral Reef Species

The Coral Triangle is also home to six of the world’s seven marine turtle species and over 2,200 species of reef fish. Without The Coral Triangle this massive amount of marine life would not have a home or safe haven to reproduce. Sadly, The Coral Triangle is currently in jeopardy from the massive levels of fish collection and the over harvesting of other resources on the reefs. Changing water conditions threaten coastal communities and damage fragile reefs. 

Bali Necklaces Coral Triangle Sea TurtlesThe challenge we face ahead is to develop sustainable solutions for the Coral Triangle’s inhabitants and to protect one of the most diverse marine habitats on our planet. This is why we at Bali Necklaces have chosen to partner with BioRock Indonesia by contributing 20% of our net profits to coral reef conservation. The BioRock technology (mineral accretion) not only helps to grow these coral reefs up to 6x faster, it makes these type of corals more resilient to future changes in water conditions.

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