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Dolphin Bracelet

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Each Bali Bracelet helps to fund Coral Reef Conservation! Learn about our efforts!

Who doesn't love Dolphins? The most well-known, intelligent and loved variety is the Bottlenose Dolphin. Known for their close interaction with humans, the Bottlenose Dolphin is a symbol of the close bond between life on land and love for the sea. The Bottlenose Dolphin Bracelet represents intelligence, compassion and love for the ocean.

Each bracelet is hand carved on the Tropical Island of Bali and shipped from the USA. Because we use 100% natural materials, there may be some slight differences in the color of each bead. Please keep in mind that the Dolphin Bracelet in particular can be delicate due to its design.

Adjustable Bracelet / Anklet

  • Your Dolphin Charms are hand carved from repurposed, water-buffalo bone.
  • Each bead is individually, hand carved from repurposed, water-buffalo bone.
  • The adjustable cord is hand braided from bamboo cotton. (2.5 inches up to 10 inches in diameter)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Cynthia B.

    I wish the bracelet had an elastic cord instead of rope.

    Hi Cynthia! Thank you for your purchase. Our bracelets come as advertised, with the adjustable natural, bamboo-cotton cord. We don't sell it with an elastic cord. We apologize if something misled you to believe it was elastic.

    Linda P.

    Love it!

    John B.

    It was totally awesome. I love it

    Randy V.
    Snug fit

    The dolphin itself keeps keeps flipping up on its back instead of laying flat. Also a snug fit going over the foot if worn on the ankle.


    Why are there no Dolphin 🐬 earrings.