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Crescent Moon Necklace Bali Necklaces
Crescent Moon Necklace Bali Necklaces

Crescent Moon

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Each Bali Necklace helps to fund Coral Reef Conservation!  Learn about our efforts!

"Live by the currents, plan by the tides, follow the moon”. Just as the moon has phases, so do our lives. Whether we stumble, learn or grow, each chapter written in our book is a unique and special experience towards our story of life. The Crescent Moon is said to bring safe travels through our Oceans after nightfall. Our Crescent Moon represents guidance, exploration, and wisdom.

Each Bali Necklace is hand carved on the Tropical Island of Bali and shipped from the USA. Because we use 100% natural materials, there may be some slight imperfections in each piece.

Materials: Repurposed, Water-Buffalo Bone & Abalone Sea Shell.

Pendant size: Approximately 2 inches (5 cm).

Cord: One size fits all. Adjustable, bamboo cotton up to 26 inches. 


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Cresent Moon Necklace

I ordered this product for myself and I'm impressed. The necklace came in a timely manner, and in good condition. I saw all those videos with the charms being carved...im kinda glad there is a rough edge so I can feel like it just got made in Bali! :-) Love feeling like I donated also. Would order from again.

This gift was first

I stepped into this with strong dignity, respect and strength
I don’t know the high standers of this team helping it’s so huge do big got me at the heart strings! I had this idea to do my own on wood the same idea apples if I new how crafty I was could have gone the the land redwood tree! By far this is big like animals that some bigger like we all deserve life to breath even if they don’t like us humans breath it live the same we need to respect that so to the team snd people making this possible I’d love to be closer to help! I hope this is very helpful
May this move the power of us all to help save help preserve more then just our own lives to also creatures that live different too
I’ll wear mine with respect and I will truly one day see viral first time ever and maybe come day visit the coral reef we saved love the team for going out your way for this!
Thank you


This necklace is beautiful. I love wearing it. It makes me feel like I’m in Bali.

It’s amazing

I love it

Cresent moon

Nice piece