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Sea Turtle Month at Bali Necklaces™

sea turtle month jewelry Bali Necklaces

It's Sea Turtle Month! Which means turtles are nesting and we're celebrating these magnificent creatures. Sea turtles are not only fascinating and ancient, but they also contribute to the health and beauty of our underwater world in several important ways. Without help from humans, very few baby sea turtles survive to become adults.

Did you know? 6 out of the 7 Sea turtle species make their homes here in The Coral Triangle which is why our focus is here!

Introducing our limited-edition, Heart of the Ocean necklace. Only available this June (while supply lasts). This unique piece was carved to highlight the important role that sea turtles play in our marine ecosystems by maintaining algae, nutrients and habitats for coral reefs to thrive.

Sure, Sea Turtles are cute. But this relationship is also vital. Sea turtles are considered a keystone species, which means their presence and activities are necessary to the overall health, resilience, and biodiversity of our coral reefs.

By wearing this one-of-a-kind piece, we're reminded of the importance of preserving these magnificent creatures and the habitats they call home.

This month, 30% net profits from your purchase help to fund both coral reef & sea turtle conservation through our partnerships with BioRock® Technology and the Kirma Asih Sea Turtle Conservation. Thank you!

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