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What are Bali Necklaces carved from?

Our hand-carved jewelry is made on the Tropical Island of Bali. Each pendant & bead is carved from re-purposed, water-buffalo bone and may vary slightly in size or detail. Some designs also use unique abalone sea shell or woods. Each Bali Necklace is 100% unique.

Are animals harmed to make your necklaces?
No. We use re-purposed bone to carve our necklaces. Simply put, the water buffalo is a common, farm-land animal in Bali. The water buffalo is more valuable alive in Bali. However, when an animal does pass, it is part of the Balinese culture not to waste any resources of that animal. Our artisans choose to re-purpose the bone for their art work.

What is the Bali Necklace & Bali Bracelet cord made from?
Each Bali Necklace is hand braided & hand dyed. The material we use is a natural, soft bamboo-cotton cord. Each cord has been hot water treated to make it soft, flexible, durable and able to wear in water. Each necklace is adjustable as a choker up to approximately 26 inches. Lengths may vary slightly.

I still think they're made out of plastic!
Our craftsmanship is just THAT good. Trust us... you're not the first one to think Bali Necklaces are made out of plastic. Each necklace (and beads) is hand-carved from re-purposed, water-buffalo bone and has a polished finish. If you still think your necklace is made out of plastic, try putting some heat to the back of your pendant and see if it melts ;)