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The Master Carvers of Bali Necklaces™

In Bali there are many carvers, but very few master carvers.

Meet 'Dewa' (pronounced Day Wa) a 3rd generation carver here in Gianyar, Bali. Dewa is one of our Master Carvers here at Bali Necklaces and is responsible for some of our most detailed, jewelry designs.

Bali Necklaces Master Carver

 It requires more than just artistic skill to create a Bali Necklace, bracelet or earring... especially when repurposing a material like water-buffalo bone. From selecting the right piece of bone to deciding which direction to carve the grain, it all determines the potential outcome of the carving.

Bali Necklaces Materials

The right piece of bone is essential to each design, ensuring that it can handle the carving without cracking. Once the perfect piece of material is selected, it is then prepared by acid washing the bone. This cleans the bone and also helps to bring about a more brilliant, white coloration.

Bali Necklaces Mermaid Carving

Once prepared, the carving work begins. While all of our carvings take an incredible amount of time and talent to produce, we currently make at least 8 carvings which require an artisan of master skill level.

Bali Necklaces Master Carvings


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