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The # 1 question... What are Bali Necklaces made of?

Our hand-carved jewelry is from the Tropical Island of Bali. Each pendant is carved from repurposed, water-buffalo bone. Some designs also use unique abalone seashell or woods.

carving bali necklaces


The next question... Are animals harmed to make your necklaces?

No. We use repurposed bone to carve our necklaces. Simply put, the water buffalo is a common, farm-land animal in Bali. The water buffalo is more valuable alive in Bali. However, when an animal does pass, it is part of the Balinese culture not to waste any resources of that animal.

Our artisans choose to repurpose the bone for their art work.

Each Bali carving is 100% unique.

 bali necklaces carvings


The most important question... How do you help our Ocean Coral Reefs?

As a major focal point in our business, we partner with BioRock® Bali in an effort to fund the on-going, non-profit work of Coral Reef Conservation. By donating 20% of our net profits to BioRock®, we are able to help fund the construction, maintenance and research of coral growth through mineral accretion.

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