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Bali Necklaces™ - Carving the NEW Abalone Butterfly

At Bali Necklaces™ we're well known for our ocean-themed carvings: fish hook necklaces, hei mataus, sea turtles, dolphins and more!

butterfly and hei matau fish hook necklace

With the Spring season headed our way we thought it would be a nice time to carve a new, feel-good design that is a bit different than our other popular ocean necklaces and bracelets.

Introducing our NEW Abalone Butterfly Necklace. This is one of our most difficult carvings to perfect. Each abalone sea shell inlay has to have just the right curves to make this one really stand out!
Watch below to see the carving process!

As with all of our other carvings the new Abalone Butterfly Necklace
-made of 100% natural and repurposed materials.
-helps to support our carving village in Bali.
-funds Coral Reef Conservation!

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