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Rākau Māori Combo Necklace Bali Necklaces
Rākau Māori Combo Necklace Bali Necklaces

Rākau Māori Combo

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Each Bali Necklace helps to fund Coral Reef Conservation!  Learn about our efforts!

Rākau Māori means Māori weaponry. The Rakau Combo represents strength and swiftness in hand to hand combat. It was common for toa (warriors) to take a long handled weapon such as a taiaha (long-handled fighting staff) and a short weapon such as a patu (club) that were made of whale bone into battle. The Rākau Māori Combo was designed to incorporate the taiaha and patu into a pendant that would bring strength.

Each Bali Necklace is hand carved on the Tropical Island of Bali and shipped from the USA. Because we use 100% natural materials, there may be some slight imperfections in each piece.


Carved from: Repurposed, Water-Buffalo Bone & Sono Wood

Pendant size: Approximately 2.5 inches (6.3 cm).

Cord: One size fits all. Adjustable, bamboo cotton up to 26 inches. 


Customer Reviews

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Ralph S.

Beautiful craftsmanship. My family loved them. I look forward to purchasing more in the near future. Thank you.

Elizabeth F.

Well made and beautiful necklace!

Jeff R.

I love everything about it. Just like my traditional fish hook.

Francis M.
Great Neckwear!

GREAT PRODUCT! Terrific value! Plus, helps reefs rebound!!!

It broke within 2 days of wearing it

It broke within 2 days of wearing it. The pendant is held together with a small dowel and glue. Which is cool. That’s really the only way you can do it. But I guess the glue was bad because it literally snapped in 2 while wearing it. It felt funny so I reached up my shirt to grab it. And it was broke. I have to glue it back. But all the other necklaces were perfect. Just the 2 piece one broke

Hi Brian! Thank you for your second order. We apologize that this happened with your combo piece. They can be more fragile than the solid bone pieces, simply due to the nature of combining materials. Please reach out to us at if we can exchange this out for you. Thank you!