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Whale Bone Necklace from Bali Necklaces
Whale Tail Pair

Whale Tail Pair

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The Bali Whale Tail Pair necklace represents the unity whales share while traveling together.  Though they are tough and mighty on their own, whales tend to travel in pods and share care for their young.  The symbolism of friendship, companionship, or even a teams bond, is present in the Bali Whale Tail Pair necklace.


Materials: Re-Purposed, Water-Buffalo Bone

Pendant size: Approximately 2 inches (5 cm).

Cord size: One size fits all. Adjustable up to 26 inches. 

Hand-carved necklace from the Tropical Island of Bali.

Bali Bone Carved Necklaces Help Plant Live Corals

20% of our net profits are donated to coral reef conservation.