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Mermaid Bone Necklace from Bali Necklaces


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Our Mermaid Design requires a Master Carver in order to produce. Due to the complexity of this carving, some facial features may vary.

Also know as Sirens of the Sea, the Mermaid was known to draw sailors away from their course and into rocks with their enchanting voices. She is seductive and captivating. No man can escape her powers of persuasion. Wear the mermaid and embrace all the unique, captivating charm she represents. Our Mermaid Necklace represents Fertility, Mystery, and Love.

Materials: Re-Purposed, Water-Buffalo Bone

Pendant size: Approximately 2.25 Inches (5.7 cm).

Cord size: One size fits all. Adjustable up to 26 inches. 

Hand-carved necklace from the Tropical Island of Bali.

Bali Bone Carved Necklaces Help Plant Live Corals

20% of our net profits are donated to coral reef conservation.