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Sea Turtle Earrings Hand Carved Bone and Abalone Bali Necklaces
Sea Turtle Earrings

Sea Turtle Earrings

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Sea Turtles are some of the most well mannered animals in the marine kingdom. They are truly children of the sea. They follow underwater currents, and faithfully return back to the beach the turtle was hatched on once every year. The sea turtle fully embodies the saying, “Live by the currents, plan by the tides, follow the moon”. Our Sea Turtle Earrings  represent consistency, intelligence, and beauty.


  • Re-Purposed, Water-Buffalo Bone
  • High-Quality, Sterling Silver (Nickel Free / Hypoallergenic) - 20 Gauge.

Pendant size: Approximately 1 inches (2.5 cm).

Earring Weight: 0.10 oz (each)


Hand-carved earrings from the Tropical Island of Bali.

20% of our net profits are donated to coral reef conservation.